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Holiday Staging for your Home


Holiday staging is a delightful and festive extension of the art of home staging, where the magic of the season is skillfully woven into the fabric of a living space. During this special time of the year, Innovative Impressions works our magic by incorporating seasonal decor, warm lighting, and carefully chosen accents that evoke a sense of holiday cheer and celebration. From tastefully adorned Christmas trees and twinkling lights to themed centerpieces and cozy throws, holiday staging transforms homes into enchanting spaces that resonate with the joy and warmth of the season.


Beyond mere decoration, the artistry of holiday staging creates an emotional connection with potential buyers or guests, allowing them to envision the magic of holiday gatherings and festivities in their future home. It's a captivating way to showcase a property's full potential, adding an extra layer of allure and charm during a time when homes hold a special place in the hearts of those seeking comfort and celebration.

The holiday season gets shorter and busier each year, let us help you prepare.  We add a fresh spin to your holiday decor by combining beautiful, live greenery, your treasured holiday decorations, and maybe sprinkling in a few new items.  Click here for more inspiration.

Holidays throughout the year are a special time.  When it comes to holiday decorating one can easily feel overwhelmed.

Let Innovative Impressions take the decorating off of your to-do list.  We work with decorations you already have as well as fresh greenery.  If certain items are needed to complete the look, shopping services are available.

During the initial visit, we will look at the spaces you would like decorated, the decorations you would like incorporated, and finally, identify items you would like purchased to complete the look.

Shopping Services

Whether your space is designed to sell or decorated for the holidays, it may require purchasing new accessories or decorations.  Innovative Impressions will shop for items to complete your look, saving you time and frustration.

Floral Design

Sometimes a space needs a floral arrangement as a centerpiece, or a wreath on the front door to welcome guests.  Innovative impressions uses both artificial and live greenery to make centerpieces, wreaths, and garland.  Combining both artificial and live greenery creates a very natural, inviting look.

Commercial Holiday Staging


Innovative Impressions can help with Commercial as well as Residential Holiday Staging.

Creating a warm, inviting space in a commercial environment, within a very specific timeframe, can be a challenge, especially when there are so many extra details during the holiday season.  Some businesses do not have the personnel on staff to tackle decorating for the holidays.  This requires time away from an employee’s typical duties.

Innovative Impressions can help small, or large, businesses during the holidays.  Your business might consider hiring us if:


  • There is no dedicated staff person, or department, to assign the task of holiday decorating.

  • There is limited inventory, and additional shopping is needed to complete the desired look.

  • The timeframe is too narrow to install the decorations, and to take them down after the season. 

  • There is a specific budget allocated to achieve a look during the holiday season that will enhance a business.

Innovative Impressions looks forward to helping your business create the perfect holiday experience.  It is never too soon to start planning for the holidays. Contact us today to get started, 

Read a few testimonials from previous clients.

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