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Karen Whipple Home Stager and Owner of Innovative Impressions

Karen McDonald is a Home Stager, and the owner of Innovative Impressions.  She provides vacant and occupied home stagings to Realtors as well as homeowners. When she stages, her goal is to highlight the features of the home, helping future buyers visualize their life in the new home.

Karen combines her eye for home staging with her professional art training.  Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Carolina, experience as an artist, and an eye for stylish decor, Karen is uniquely poised to make recommendations that will ensure a quick sale and a higher sales price for the many Realtors she works with in the metro Atlanta area.

Having a formal background in art really gives her a unique perspective. In addition to staging vacant and occupied homes for sale, or helping a new homeowner settle in by decorating with new or existing furnishings, Karen can create just the right piece of art to complement an interior.

During the holiday season, Karen offers her clients seasonal staging. She adds a fresh spin to holiday decor by combining beautiful live greenery, a client’s treasured decorations and shopping for new items.

Karen McDonald
Home Stager & Owner
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