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Home Staging Bathroom Redesign


Redesign Your Space


Redesign services breathe new life into living spaces, offering a fresh perspective on the familiar and transforming homes into havens of comfort and style. This specialized form of home staging focuses on optimizing the aesthetics and functionality of a space where the homeowner intends to stay. Professional redesign services involve a strategic rearrangement of furniture, thoughtful updates to decor, and a keen eye for maximizing the potential of each room. The goal is to enhance the overall flow and harmony of the space, creating a more visually appealing and cohesive environment.


Whether it's reimagining room layouts, introducing contemporary decor elements, or incorporating personalized touches, redesign services cater to the homeowner's taste and lifestyle while infusing a renewed sense of vitality into the familiar surroundings. It's an artful and transformative process that turns a dwelling into a personalized sanctuary, reflecting the unique identity and preferences of those who call it home.

Redesign is the process of taking the furniture and accessories you currently have and using them in a different way to give your home a fresh, updated look. This may include editing and placing furniture in new locations to enhance traffic flow, relocating or re-purposing old items to give them new life or knowing how to personalize a space to make your home reflect your style.


Innovative Impressions uses furniture and accessories you already have and recreates a new space.  By simply using these items in a new way, we create a completely different look.  Most homeowners envision a change in a particular room but do not have thousands of dollars to completely redo a space.  Redesign is done in a couple of hours and is very affordable.


Some days you spend more time in your office than in your home.  Why not consider a redesign?  Most people think of redesigning a room in their home but typically forget about their office.  Whether you drive to an office or work from home, working with accessories and furniture you already have, we can create a fresh new look that is sure to be a real motivator.  In just a couple of hours, your office can be transformed into an inspiring room.

Home Staging Before and After
Home Staging Bookshelf Before and After Bookshelf
Home Staging Home Office Before and After Living Room
Home Staging Music RoomBefore and After Piano
Office Redesign Conference Table
Office Redesign Desk and Bookshelves
Office Redesign Desk and Bench
Office Redesign Desk and Photos
Office Redesign Bookshelves
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