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Innovative Impressions Home Staging Packages


All of our services start with a consultation, working with the homeowner to understand their unique needs.  We offer several different services to customize the project based on the homeowner's needs and their unique home.

Package 1 - Occupied Staging

Staging a home that is currently lived in.

2 Hour Consultation

The consult is designed to give the homeowner recommendations on how to best stage their home.

Additional Services

4 or 8 Hours of Hands-on Staging

During this session we will rearrange the furniture, create a holding area for unused items, edit and pack smaller items to create a perfectly staged home.

Furniture & Accessory Rental

Innovative Impressions can provide the perfect furniture pieces, accessories, and artwork from our large inventory to stage your home. Rental periods of 30, 60, or 90 days are available.

Photo Shoot

We all know how important first impressions are.  Have an expert eye onsite during your photo shoot to perfectly stage your home in real time, preparing each room to shine during the photo shoot.  

Contact us at to talk further about your project.

Package 2 - Vacant Staging

Staging an unoccupied home for sale or rent.

In one day we can stage the perfect number of rooms using furniture and accessories from Innovative Impressions inventory.  Generally five rooms are staged (Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Kitchen and Master Bedroom) but this list can be customized to highlight your homes best features. Rental periods of 30, 60, or 90 days are available.

Send pictures of the rooms to be staged to start the conversation.

Package 3 - Redesign Consultation

2 Hour Consultation

This initial session gives the homeowner recommendations repurpose their existing furniture and accessories, using items they already own, to refresh and renew their home.  

Additional Services

Custom Selections & Shopping Services

Let our artist's eye help you select the ideal tile, light fixture, paint color, upholstery fabric, etc.  Looking for just the right furniture piece to complete a room, we can help!

4 or 8 Hours of Redesign Services

During this session, we will rearrange the homeowner's furniture and accessories bringing the recommendations in the consultation to life.

Bookshelf Restyle

In half a day, we can rework your favorite bookshelves with cherished books and collectables to update the focal point of the room.

Interior/Exterior Paint Selection

Overwhelmed by all the beautiful paint colors, let Innovative Impressions narrow down your choices to compliment your home's interior or create stunning curb appeal.

Contact us to discuss your Redesign project today.

Package 4 - Residential/Commercial Holiday Staging


2 Hour Consultation

In the initial consultation we will discuss the client's overall vision, entertaining requirements, and lighting needs to create a stunning holiday setting.

Additional Services

4 or 8 Hours of Holiday Decorating

Innovative Impressions will decorate interior spaces using decorations from the client's inventory.

Holiday Shopping

Let us shop for the ornaments, trees, wreaths, and decor to add the finishing touch to your holiday decorating.

Live Greenery/Arrangements

Using live greenery and inventory from our collection we can create beautiful centerpieces, wreaths, mantel decor, and more.

Remove and Reset

Take down and pack holiday decorations for next season.

Contact us today to discuss your holiday staging project.

Package 1 Occupied Staging
Package 2 Vacant Staging
Package3 Redesign
Package 4 Holiday Staging
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