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Rooms Need Purpose

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Redesign Home Staging Comfortable Sitting Room

Do you have a room that has too many functions? This can be a spare room that functions as an office, playroom and guestroom. Or, it can be a dining room that is temporarily a playroom for the kids as well as the pet hamster.

Defining a room is important whether you are selling your home or living in a home you love. Rooms need purpose.

I was asked to turn a room with a wide variety of functions into a true living room for family and friends. This room had beautiful built-in shelves which provided inspiration for the redesign. Displaying different collections, including some family pieces, really provided a focal point.

Redesign client, Jamie Brooker in Cobb County, was pleased with the result. “Our living room was used for multiple purposes: an office, a sitting room, gymnastics area and piano practice. Karen transformed our living room into an area that provided more seating for guests, highlighted my grandmother’s painting and displayed collections on the built-in shelves. This room feels calm and inviting,” said Brooker.

Home staging is not just for selling your home. Affordable redesign services provide a fresh perspective when you need to update your existing home as your family’s needs change. I was able to turn a great space that had lost a purpose into an inviting living room for friends and family to enjoy. If you want to create a new space with purpose but not sure where to start, give me a call, 404-538-8085.



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