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Commissioned Art Finds a Home at Georgia Southern University

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Commissioned Art - Oil Owl - Custom Art

Whether you are staging your home or just looking for that perfect piece to finish a room, Karen works with watercolor, oils and acrylics on any size canvas to create just the right custom piece of commissioned art to compliment your interior.

Lisa Williams, of 2 Hags Swag, commissioned a painting of an owl for a newly built sorority house that she was decorating at Georgia Southern University.  Lisa had an idea of what the owl should look like and provided a picture.  In the beginning the project details were worked out: the medium, the size of the painting, the price, etc.  A few sketches were developed to determine the layout.  Throughout the process, progress on the painting was shared.

Interested in commissioning a special piece, contact us today.



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