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Year-End Gala: Celebrating Collaboration in Real Estate

From left: Karen McDonald, Innovative Impressions; Malinda Lackey; Rick Lackey, CEO, Real Professionals Network; and Keith Mack, vice president of development at CIM Group, attended the Mistletoe in Midtown last week in Atlanta. (Rick Lackey)

One of the highlights for Karen McDonald with Innovative Impressions this past year was the featured photo from the Mistletoe in Midtown Casino Black Tie Event in Co Star News. The event, a glittering affair held on December 7, 2023, at Westside Paper in Atlanta, was a testament to the vibrant community and networking opportunities within the commercial real estate sector. This exclusive gathering was orchestrated by the esteemed AIA Atlanta, the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, in collaboration with the Circle of Trust Atlanta. The event underscored the seamless integration of architecture, real estate development, and professional networking, culminating in a memorable evening of connection.

The mastermind behind the Mistletoe in Midtown event was none other than Keith Mack, the Super Connector and Vice President of Development at CIM Group, developers of Centennial Yards. His expertise and vision in bringing together diverse segments of the commercial real estate community played a pivotal role in the event's success, fostering an environment ripe for collaboration and innovation. Rick Lackey, multi-generational commercial real estate entrepreneur and founder of REAL Professionals Network, also attended the event with his wife, Malinda Lackey, sharing valuable insights into the market.

Authored by Tony Wilbert, the article on the Mistletoe in Midtown event is a reminder of the vibrant community that thrives within commercial real estate. It highlights the importance of events that bring together architects, developers, and real estate professionals to celebrate achievements, forge new connections, and set the stage for future collaborations. For Karen McDonald with Innovative Impressions, it's an affirmation of her commitment to excellence and her place within the broader tapestry of the real estate community.

Co Star News is celebrated as the largest source of verified commercial real estate information, analytics, and news worldwide. With a robust network of over 181,000 industry professionals, it serves as the cornerstone for those requiring reliable tools, resources, and an in-depth understanding of more than 7.3 million commercial real estate properties across every conceivable market. This extensive reach and depth of information makes Co Star an indispensable tool for real estate professionals, developers, and, indeed, stagers like Karen McDonald, who rely on cutting-edge market insights to refine their strategies and offerings.



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