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We attended an art themed silent auction. When we entered the event, we were immediately drawn to the painting and we fell in love with it. The colors are unique and the attention to detail is amazing. The choice of frame along with the subject matter made it stand out.  Not only is it exceptionally painted, the subject of a European Robin is very interesting to us as my husband is European. Karen is a very talented artist and we love our painting!

Danielle Englehart-King

Art Client

Working with Karen was truly delightful! I had seen a painting of a small bird on her website and totally fell in love with it.  I contacted her to ask if she could repaint it for me, describing exactly what I wanted. She agreed, gave me a time frame, and sent a photo (via a text message) when the painting was completed. It was absolutely perfect!!! I highly recommend checking out Karen's work and giving her a call.

Daphne Asbury

Commissioned Art Client

This oil painting depicts a pacific golden plover foraging in the tide. He has lost the black feathers which normally adorn his face and breast, so it is likely winter. His golden reflection is captured in the foreground of the canvas. I purchased this painting at a benefit auction in Marietta. This sweet bird reminded me of some plovers I saw while walking on the beach in California. They have impressive endurance as they are able to fly almost 5,000 km in a period of 3-4 days when they migrate between Alaska and Hawaii. Karen Whipple has captured him in the midst of finding something to eat. Wading in the tide, one of his delicate legs is reaching forward and his long thin beak is partially open as he is about to retrieve a bite, perhaps a cladoceran or tiny isopod. I wonder if this little fella is taking a short snack break en route to his winter home in Hawaii?

Nellie Ingersoll

Oil Painting

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